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“And they’re off!”

Now you can bring exciting thoroughbred horseracing to your company party, convention, or fundraising event. With our professionally recorded horse races from around the world, we’ve captured all the suspense and close-up action that enables you to bring the thrill and excitement of the Sport of Kings to your event.

Add Something New to Your Casino Party!

The heart-pounding action of the “Opening of the Gate” and “They’re Off!” As a member of the audience, you experience all the close-up spine-tingling action as if you were actually at the race track except these horses are named after the people in the room!

Start With $5000 in Fantasy Money!

When you arrive, you automatically get $5000 in “fantasy money”. You can bid on races and become an owner of one of the horses – which earns you MORE money if your horse comes in 1st! Use your gambler’s intuition or ask the roving jockey for an inside tip. It’s all part of the fun! Everyone will root, cheer, and shout for their favorite horses from the start of the race to the finish line.

We Make It Simple and Fun for Everyone!

You don’t have to be an expert handicapper to play, because we include a simple betting system that teaches guests the easiest way to place bets on the horses. Our experienced pari-mutuel clerks are friendly, helpful, and patient!

Customized Programs!

Imagine a race with your executive team, guests of honor or corporate competition. The result can be hilarious! The names of the horses and races can all be customized to reflect your event objectives.


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  • Large viewing screen
  • Professionally recorded horse races
  • Betting tickets
  • Staffing and instruction
  • Master of Ceremonies to announce the races


What Do People Say?

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“We wanted something different for our party and the Triple Crown was perfect!”
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“Your casino party has always been a hit with our employees, but we were hearing that after four years people wanted something new. The Triple Crown was a great addition that kept this years party fresh.”
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“Naming the horses after the managers was outrageously funny. I can’t believe how much fun we all had!”